With the launch of the new N CNW series, REO continues to advance edge-winding technology in its general the mass production. From 2021 onwards, the existing CNW series will gradually be replaced by the new N CNW model. Filters and chokes may be up to 10% smaller when compared to previous models. Not only does it save space, material resources utilization is also lessened and this in turn helps to reduce the overall weight. This is particularly important for demanding projects, where space and weight are key criteria such as the electrification of urban mobility. REO’s components can be supplied for these and other demanding applications involving high protection ratings up to IP66. The new standard can generally be adapted at any time in line with customer-specific designs or when more stringent applications demand it, such as higher shock and vibration requirements.

Smaller, lighter and safer – but with increased performance too! Thankfully, the new N CNW series. REO has managed to enhance choke and filter performance even further despite the reduced dimensions and mass. The loss of power can be reduced by up to 25%. This is a technical milestone that will significantly reduce operating costs.

In addition to the benefits of these new designs, REO is also able to ensure rapid delivery times. As a result, REO is targeting in particular, manufacturers who develop innovative products, or who wish to utilize the latest technologies in their own products to reduce weight and costs.


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