REO AG publishes second teaser and name of the control unit expected for early 2020

Market launch of the REOVIB MFS 368 confirmed

›› REO AG announces the first concrete details regarding the highly anticipated vibratory conveyor control unit

Watch the second teaser video now

Our newly developed REOVIB MFS 368 will have a wide range of safety and protection features. With an integrated sensor for temperature monitoring of the solenoids and a built-in, active line filter, our product can be used long term and trouble free around the world at 110 – 230V input voltages and 205V output voltage” says CEO Mr. Twellsieck. The goal was “to take the lead in the global competition for modern, networked production and to focus on the requirements of the customers.”

By reducing the reactive power, the power consumption drops significantly and the maintenance costs or the susceptibility to errors is greatly minimised.

Production and procurement are increasingly geared towards sustainable, future-proof criteria. REO AG responds to this requirement profile by incorporating the expertise and experience of the REO Digital Connect 4.0 start-up. Through cooperation and a constructive transfer of knowledge from customers and partners, the REOVIB MFS 368 can be used in proven production environments as well as in fully digitalised production processes, whilst perfectly replacing predecessor devices.


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